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DJ Andy Pendle

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Location: United Kingdom: England
Signed up: 29 Jun 2010 08:15 PM
Genre: DJ
Influences: Welly, Sasha, Paul Oakenfold, Matt Bell


Ive been hooked on all sorts of house music from around 86 onwards.....from Chicago to Detroit to the UK rave scene before heading on to all of those Italian piano anthems, breakbeat, Euro, funky, hard, trance, bounce and electro. My first effort at DJing (unless you count putting on a night from college in 1991) came after sending a tape (remember those?!?!) to the biggest rave night in Blackpool, The Zone, in 1992 whilst it was at Jenks Bar. After a couple of nights filling in there, I became a resident Zone DJ at The Venue, Dance Factory (The Mill) and then at Maximes. During and since that time Ive played all over the place including Park Hall, Bowlers, Orbit, Monroes, Sequins, Wigan Pier, Platinum (Halifax), Klub DNA, The Palace, Beyond Beach Babylon (Good Times) and The Syndicate, to name but a few. Ive enjoyed all of it and I probably enjoyed some of them more than I should have! Influences on me early on were Welly, Sasha and Matt Bell and later on Alistair Whitehead, Mike Cosford and those magnificent Courtyard nights at Cream with Paul Oakenfold. My philosophy is to play what makes people dance. I can be unashamedly anthem-friendly at times but I like some dirty basslines too and I seem to have gathered a reputation for playing lots of records in a set....I cant help it when I start buzzing. I am also one of those who can talk about house music all night long so don't get stuck with me after a few beers but there is nothing better than standing on a dance floor with a massive Cheshire-cat grin when those big basslines or arms-in-the-air moments come on! Aside from all that, my favourite new music is a mixture of funky, progressive and electro. Depending on my mood, I either go for some anthemic piano tunes, crunching electro, messy trance or dirty basslines.

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