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Location: United Kingdom: England
Signed up: 16 Mar 2011 04:19 PM
Genre: DJ
Influences: Blackburn Warehouse parties, Shaboo, Adam Beyer, Jinx, Sasha, Carl Cox, Chris Leibing, Christiam Smith and John Selway, The Ashan Project, Pascal Feos, Underworld, Andy Wetherall, Back to Basics, The Orbit, Jay Tripwire, Solar, Neil Thorogood, Bent Coppe

DJ, producer, remixer and sound engineer capable of using a variety of mediums for dj performance, such as vinyl, cd, Ableton live, Soratto and the more recently accuired skill Tractor using production software, Cubase, Reason, Ableton, Pro tools to name but a few.

Currently the resident DJ in the back room of "Riff Raff" a bi-monthly night in Leeds, with "Solar" residents the Ashan Project - hard dance and techno rebels. Formerly a well established resident with the "Solar" parties, Wakeem has been a prolific Dj around his home town of Lancaster, playing regularly at nites such as, "Electroshox", "Acme Bass", "Solar", "Cheeky Business", "Subtractor", "Proper Records". Wakeem moved into the digital world of djing, performing on both CD's and laptop from the now popular "Ableton", whilst performing at a string of free parties and venue based events.

It was after a return from gigs in Spain, the name Wakeem Coderro came about, using a Lancashire accent in the spanish translation of his birth name. Wakeem first met the Solar crew whilst frequently playing nights, events and free parties for the Lancaster based "Proper Records", spinning dubbed up tech house and techno under the guise of "Jay Ball", playing alongside Big G, Bent Copper, Joss Jinx, Jinx in Dub, Shut Up and Dance, The Ragga Twins.

Whilst playing at Proper Records nights Wakeem visited Spain on several occasions to play at the renowned "Voodoo Moon" nights, with fellow Pleasure Rooms resident Neil Thorogood (now based in Australia), where they performed their legendary 8hour sets together until daylight the next morning.It was at the Pleasure Rooms in Leeds that the partnership with Neil Thorogood really came together heavily influencing each others styles and skills, proving to be a formidable team, playing alongside numerous top names, such as, Judge Jules, Sonique and Alistair Whitehead.

Prior to teaming up with Neil, Wakeem played an active part in the North West Lancs underground scene, playing for and alongside the "Mayhem" crew from Bradford at their monthly nights at Planet Venus, the legendary "1 in 12" Bradford, "Dogruff" Inverness, "The Electric Green" in Kendal, "Citrus Club" and "Dance Your Sox Off" at Lancaster Suger House as duo "The Bully Brothers", "The Source Club" north west raves, "Eco Systems" Scottish partys, "Ignite" Bentham Town Hall "Fieldtrip", "Palgowan Festival" with "Acme Bass", "Stylus" of Lancaster, and of course the in-famous "Zicada" parties including the memorable "Milenium Bash" at Bentham Town Hall. It was during the Zicada days where Wakeem really learn't and developed his craft and artform, whilst assisting in the lavish productions of their many events.

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